Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico

Year: 2014

The first sketches for this house were inspired by the phrase “La casa al jardín y el jardín a la casa” (the house to the garden and the garden to the house) from the famous Arch. Luis Barragan. With this thought in mind the scheme for the house unfold as an “L” shape place on one corner of the plot surrounding an internal garden. This allowed to have visual contact with the open space from all the rooms of the house.

From the street, the house only shows a subtle arrangement of white volumes creating a quiet almost blind façade, while the interiors are widely opening towards the garden. On the inside the spaces communicate with each other through light inputs generated by different heights and levels.

The client asked for the house to work as two independent elements serving different moments in time. Within the house, a selection of the spaces could work as a simple unit for the owners, a middle age couple with only one room, one kitchen and a living-room as well as services. When needed the totality of the house articulates as a larger unit with 3 bedrooms and an additional common space for their relatives to visit. Concentrating public spaces and services on one small side of the L shape, the private functions are split over 2 level on the longer side of the house.