Los Angeles, USA


According to California State Housing Department, there is a housing shortage in LA. Estimates say that the city would need to deliver 100,000 housing units a year, each year for a decade before it catches up with the shortage. Besides, the median property value is around $600,000 which means that to afford one a family income should around $120,000 when the median income is around $60,000, only half of it. (https://datausa.io/profile/geo/los-angeles-ca/#housing)

In response to California’s affordable housing shortage, lawmakers recently passed statewide legislation removing barriers to the development of accessory dwelling units (ADU). The Assembly Bill No. 2299, AB-2299 Land use: housing: 2nd units were approved by Governor on September 27, 2016. While there are approximately 480,000 single-family houses zoned lots in Los Angeles, there are only an estimated 1,200 permitted ADUs in the city, less than 1%.

The goal of the board game is to reduce the affordable housing shortage in Los Angeles by building Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The game introduces players to the complex, often contentious process of permitting, designing, and constructing these backyard housing structures. Players will add and transform their ADU’s while making their way through the game. The winner will be the player with higher rent value units.